Beard and Mustache Brush

Main Goal:

It maintains amazing smoothness of Beard and Mustache. And specially creates  patterns of distribution of healthy, and natural Beard oils from your facial skin and beard equally.

It is great for removing dirt and grime that gets trapped in your beards throughout the day.

  Powerful Details on the Brush:

 The King Kong Beards Brush is made of 100% pure Boars hairs. Its bristles facilitate soft and easy move through beards and mustaches of all lengths. It is lightweight designed and feels extremely soft and gentle on the skin while polishing facial hairs.

High Quality Material: 

Our Brush is made of high-quality Sandalwood.  The wood has a look and feel which are completely natural and the finish of this product makes sure the material feels great for your beard but also in your hand.

Handling Size:

 Due to its practical size, the Brush fits conveniently in your hand and thus allows a pleasant experience when you take care of your beard.

King Kong Beards Guaranties:

As we want our customers to be styled and content with our products, we offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

You will definitively love our eco-friendly Beard Brush.



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