Hey guys,

Thank you for checking on the  website.

So, I wanted to give you a little backstory about the King Kong Beards Brand and how everything started.

I have been a big fan of beards products for a while now. I was merely a consumer.

I have tested brands in a bid to give my beards the utmost care and attention it deserves.

While some of these products have helped to keep my beard clean and healthy a lot of them have been pure garbage.

Then I got curious and began to research about more effective and potent ingredients that could give my beards an outstanding look, texture and finesse.

The idea for my brand King Kong Beards was inspired by the King Kong found in the African Jungle which represents not just full hairs but also power, strength, virility and tenacity.

As you’d agree with me, we guys with beards are a special breed and not like other guys out there.

We are in a league of our own with class, elegance, power and excellence.

Every bearded guy deserves to have the best treatment and fragrance for their beards because it is a gift that should be treasured. And it comes with great honor.

It was this burning desire and passion that birthed the King Kong Beards Brand. I started out by just selling to an exclusive small group of guys, I have decided every bearded guy deserves to experience these simple but amazing beards solution.

KKB is not like other regular brands on the marketplace, the different beards products on this store are a blend of non-medicated and natural beard care solutions such beard cream, wax, conditioner, soap, and shampoo; eau de parfum, cologne, face and skin cleanser, hair oil, Shaving cream, After shave lotion, Body wash, body lotion, body cream, lip balm, and hair oil.

These products are sure to give you and your beards the sexiness and confidence that’ll make people to start respecting you, and girls are going to find you more attractive.

Only Kings rock the King Kong Beards!